March 26, 2015 Projects No Comments

Are the visitors to one of Europe’s top 5 innovation gatherings—the LIFT conference—ready to face our difficult, yet unavoidable subject?

Unavoidable it most certainly was. In collaboration with architect Héloise Gailing and mortician Lea Gscheidel, we set up an irresistibly inviting booth—the Re.Death Pop-Up Salon—right in the heart of the foyer. Turning the black hole of death inside out, our white cube displayed on its outer walls all the information on death and dying that we typically like to keep closed up and inaccessible. Over three days, the cosy living room on the inside was host to many sessions of our own, “Death: A Conversation Game”, sparking tons of interesting chats with the conference participants… many of which revolved around this all-important question: what happens to our online personas, our digital life, after we die?

Our attendance at the LIFT Conference was featured in the German Business Punk Magazine.


Written by Cori Moore