June 19, 2015 Projects No Comments

Talking about death is never easy, especially when you consider your own parting from this world. Some might think it morbid, if not verging on ‘tempting fate’ to make funeral plans when you’re well and able.

As a direct result of this taboo, grieving families are often left feeling helpless and overwhelmed when planning their loved ones’ funerals. As uncomfortable as it might be, talking about death and last wishes can not only prepare you on a practical level – it can be liberating to accept your mortality, and heart-warming to discuss such an intimate topic with your loved ones, and not just when you’re running out of time.

We believe that present day funeral practices are out-dated and drab. As a result of us not letting the topic of death into our life cycle most of us don’t understand which funeral ‘traditions’ are necessary and which are just redundant.

It doesn’t have to be like this! We recently held a workshop at re:publica where we opened up the black box of the funeral industry and planned fitting funerals together in teams.

But before you can give a loved one a Class A send off, you of course need to talk about it, and that’s why we’ve created these funeral decree cards.

Available in German and in English, these wallet-sized cards are intended to go out into the world as pairs, encouraging an exchange between partners or family members.

Equipped with a few simple questions to get you started, these cards should help you to define who you’d like to make executive decisions at the end of your life (which is important if you’re not married to that person) and will hopefully ultimately spark a deeper discourse.

“Even just as a token gesture, we think this is a good starting point to have that conversation we so keenly avoid”. 

You can download a set of cards here, or alternatively, get in touch – we’d be happy to send you a set.

Written by Cori Moore